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Having its professional roots dating back to the early 2000s, Idea Powerhouse Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company comprised of a diversified group of idealistic professionals with extensive corporate experience from various industries.

Today’s business environment demands perfection in its internal human resource ideology as well as maximum efficiency in its day to day operations. Idea Powerhouse Sdn Bhd is the epitome of that belief, with its vision to transform the nation into a Powerhouse – pun intended – that believes in providing, producing and delivering the best in all aspects of its undertakings.

Led by leaders with proven track records in the industry and the modern era’s focus on progress, IDEA POWERHOUSE SDN BHD prides itself to be an established powerhouse of learning, education and training that strives to empower organizations with productive, efficient and well-prepared employees who will bring their respective companies to the next level.

Currently maintaining its operations and conducting variety of its events in East and West Malaysia, IDEA POWERHOUSE Sdn Bhd aims to further expand itself to the entire Southeast Asia and eventually, achieving global recognition as the ultimate corporate services provider in training, education and event management.

1.1 The Double Vision & Mission of IP


Identifying the true needs of the human resources aspects of organizations

Personifying the organizations of our nation to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in all perspectives


Improving the skills of even the best of professionals; believing that continuing education is key to progress

Providing service that is far-reaching, aiming to maintain itself as the industry’s market leaders